This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.

What is Apache PredictionIO®?

Apache PredictionIO® is an open source Machine Learning Server built on top of a state-of-the-art open source stack for developers and data scientists to create predictive engines for any machine learning task. It lets you:

  • quickly build and deploy an engine as a web service on production with customizable templates;
  • respond to dynamic queries in real-time once deployed as a web service;
  • evaluate and tune multiple engine variants systematically;
  • unify data from multiple platforms in batch or in real-time for comprehensive predictive analytics;
  • speed up machine learning modeling with systematic processes and pre-built evaluation measures;
  • support machine learning and data processing libraries such as Spark MLLib and OpenNLP;
  • implement your own machine learning models and seamlessly incorporate them into your engine;
  • simplify data infrastructure management.

Apache PredictionIO® can be installed as a full machine learning stack, bundled with Apache Spark, MLlib, HBase, Akka HTTP and Elasticsearch, which simplifies and accelerates scalable machine learning infrastructure management.

Getting Started Developer Guides Machine Learning Education and Usage PredictionIO SDKs
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Downloading Template Collecting Data Community Contributed Demo Python
Deploying an Engine Learning DASE Dimensionality Reduction Ruby
Customizing an Engine Implementing DASE Community Contributed
App Integration Overview Evaluation Overview
Intellij IDEA Guide
Scala API

Release Notes

A summary of changes in each release can be found here.


Apache PredictionIO® is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.